The New Ramenzoni

Established 65 years ago in Cordeirópolis, Ramenzoni is one of the largest and oldest recycling companies in the country. It generates 400 direct jobs and stands out for its importance to the community and its historical links with the town's economy. The company's excellent logistical position allows it to quickly distribute its products to the main consumption centers in the state.

Its 100% recycled paper is supplied to the printing, packaging and cardboard industries, and strict quality control has earned it ISO 9001 and FSC certifications for its processes and products. Permanent investment in quality has been intensified under this management.

Transparency is the motto of the new administration, which, first and foremost, using its in-house skills, has bet on information technology (IT), in particular the integration of management systems, business intelligence (BI), data control and mobility to achieve its modernization objectives and increase its efficiency, productivity and profitability. The good results are showing up month by month.

Renewed, full of energy, Ramenzoni continues on an upward path in this promising chapter of its history. It sees the future with optimism and is preparing for a new era of achievement, with responsibility.

From hat to paper

Ramenzoni's history in Brazil began in the 19th century, in 1894, when the Ramenzoni family founded the famous "Chapeos Ramenzoni" factory in the city of São Paulo.

Around the 1950s, at the height of hat production, the Ramenzoni family felt there was a shortage of cardboard in the market for packaging hats and Ban-Tan garments, as few people were selling this cardboard at the time.

The opportunity then arose to acquire a disused factory to produce its own paper.

Initially, production was only to supply the Ramenzoni Hats and Ban-Tan Clothing industries. Ramenzoni's production has increased significantly, becoming competitive and with quality approved by our customers.

Present in Cordeirópolis since 1951, it has played a part in the municipality's economic growth, creating jobs and its main activity is the production of paper and cardboard in various varieties, from 100% recycled raw materials. It serves the printing, packaging and cardboard industries.

It stands out in the field of paper recycling technology and is currently one of the largest and oldest recyclers in Brazil, thus contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Ramenzoni continually invests in quality, thus obtaining ISO 9001 and FSC certification, with the aim of continuously improving its products, expanding its sales and always seeking to exceed its customers' expectations.

Our mission

  • To produce paper from 100% recycled material with quality, in a sustainable way and meeting our customers' needs.

  • Generate profitability, achieve the planned profitability.

  • Meeting the established budget, achieving turnover and contribution margin.

Our visioin

  • Having motivated employees and being a reference point to work towards.

  • To be recognized as the largest manufacturer of recycled paper.

  • Stay on the preferred list of our customers and suppliers

  • To be a company admired for our social and environmental responsibility, excellence, global vision, leadership, entrepreneurship, integrity and safety.

Our values

  • We respect and value people

  • We encourage lasting relationships, cooperation and teamwork

  • We respect customer requirements

  • We maintain our integrity and transparency

  • We believe in sustainable growth as the basis for our actions